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commissions / contracts / consultations / bookings

If you are interested in working with me, please complete the below request form and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with me. 


project-based rates / individual or organizations

I am currently accepting commissions, contracts and long-term partnerships for art and design work that aligns with my artistic style, values, and interests.

Some examples of projects I could work with you on are:

• filming and editing a music video for your project

• designing the audio score for your experimental film or video

• editing, producing, and assisting with the creation of your podcast

• creating educational videos or audio pieces for your organization

• producing a backing track for your vocals

Please complete the above Google Form to request a phone consultation.

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I am open to 


hourly rates / one-on-one or group / virtual or in-person

I work with individuals and organizations for one time consultation or a longer term consultant relationship. 


Throughout my artistic and professional career, I've found that the biggest barrier to my goals was patriarchal, white supremacist , and heteronormative ideas of how things should be done. My experiences working with and learning from queer women and nonbinary people of color are consistently the most expansive learning moments for me. 

Some examples of projects I can walk you through are:

• producing an experimental, electronic song

• recording and editing your podcast

• designing a flyer, poster, or other visual image

• editing a video in a computer or mobile software

• creating a website through a web development service

• learning how to DJ as well as finding and organizing new music

I also give general introductions to softwares such as:

• Ableton, Audacity, GarageBand, rekordbox

• Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Canva

• After Effects, Premiere, Rush, iMovie

• Squarespace, Wix

Generally, if there is something I do related to art and design, as well as making your life as a queer creative of color living in the south, I can show you how I did it in an affirming, patient manner.  I invite you to reach out for a consultation even if you are unsure exactly what the request is for. 


Photo by Kelley Bennett

I work on a sliding-scale payment method to ensure that most people are able to access my services. If you are a young, queer, person of color living in the south without access to funds, please reach out to me to have any of these consultations offered to you free of charge.

Please complete the above Google Form to request a phone consultation.


event based rates / virtual or in-person

I am open to booking for DJ events and live performances that are practicing safe COVID-19 protocols. I am also open to radio shows and mix commissions.


My DJ sets fall into an experimental club category. I play a variety of genres that include electronic dance, techno, hip hop, vogue, hardstyle, Bollywood, R&B, house, pop, indie, metal, Jersey club, baile funk, Indian folk, and more.

I perform solo under my name, as well as with my project Sand Pact. I am also open to booking for workshops, talks, classes, and live demos.


Gudiya live at Manifest 2019 by Grayson Simon


Hema Gaia at Girls Rock NC Summer Camp Showcase 2022 by Steph Coolbaugh

Rooftop Performance

Hema Gaia at CARNIVORE GAMES Closing Show 2022 by Sunshine A

Please complete the above Google Form or email me with details about your request:

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