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Mixed Media, Digital Media, Video Production

"CARNIVORE GAMES" was a two-month long visual exhibition on display at Slug Space in Chapel Hill, NC. The paintings, alterations, videos, and gital art pieces explored my evolving relationship with meat consumption in an increasingly anthropocentric world. 


“I spent a majority of my life being vegetarian. It was a decision I made when I was nine after they played us a video in school about where our meat came from. I remember one scene in the animated video vividly: baby calves taken away from their mothers, forced to feed from synthetic tubes. The white milk turned red and the narrator informed us it was sometimes mixed with dead cows blood. ‘THE DEAD ARE FED BACK TO THE LIVING.’ I loved eating meat, but I also loved animals and it didn’t feel like those two things could exist with the farming systems we have today. Abstaining from eating animal meat became wrapped up in a sense of purity for me. Even after learning about the complexities within agriculture and food production, I felt shame when I ate meat. Particularly red meat, which has always been my favorite. CARNIVORE GAMES is a culmination of my personal experiences, beliefs, research, and questions. It’s everything I wish I could say whenever someone asks me, ‘Do you eat meat?’”


Audio Production

"The In-Between" is a fifty-five minute dance performance by ShaLeigh Dance Works scored by Alex Fresa and myself under our music project Sand Pact. The work explores the nature of social disruption and reframes frustration and diminishment as strength.

Fresa and I met with SDW over a two-month period, building off their ideas and vision for the score, while supplying the group with our own interpretation and direction for the piece. The resulting performance debuted in March of 2020 at The Durham Fruit.


Photo by Areon Mobasher


Audio Production, Camera, Editing

"Timecheck" is a twenty minute original production by myself under the alias Gudiya. I performed the piece virtually for the Music Gallery Toronto through a pre-recorded, film production.  The audio elements are original compositions with the addition of a few found samples. The video features multiple camera angles of my performance, as well as found footage additions. I managed the pre-production elements including stage, lighting, cameras, wardrobe, and make-up, as well as the post-production video and audio editing. 

This production was my final release as Gudiya. The tracks together are a collection of demos composed throughout my four years making music under the alias. "Timecheck" is both a practice in honoring the past, and making space for the present moment. All work under this project can be found on Gudiya's website linked below.

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